If you want to take your home security to the next level and get yourself great and highly detailed evidence, you might need to consider the digital security video recorder. With the high megapixel digital security video recorder’s solid natural low to medium light performance and strong flash to take videos in dimly-lit conditions, you will get the result you want. This digital video recorder has a wide high-resolution LCD screen so you can check and preview your displayed videos immediately after they are taking.

Thanks to a large megapixel size sensor, the video recorder allows you to take stunning super detailed lifelike videos. It features 4x digital zoom for sharp close up shots. Included within this kit package is a tripod, memory card plus a hard shell case to protect your camera from outside harm and destruction. With its memory card’s high capacity, you can take endless pictures as well as long videos segments.

To understand more how the digital security video recorder operates, make sure to use the inbuilt guide feature to access easily to all the information needed for the maintenance system. Security professionals demand performance and features that make their lives easier. They rely on the latest technology to reduce installation costs, increase reliability and capture clear video.

Author: HomeSecurityHub

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