All security cameras require a central video recorder to transmit and archive the footage captured. Now here is why you need a DVR (digital video recorder) security camera system.

The dvr security camera system provides a better performance; the qualities of the photos captured by the camera are more consistent and reliable. The camera with its ultra-wide 360 degree covers a full range coverage view especially when it’s located in the appropriate spot. Moreover, the view angle can be easily controlled by your mobile phone which makes the whole operating system much easier and more rewarding.

A DVR system uses cameras connected to the recorder by coaxial cables. The DVR itself is a computer but it has a special type of card in it, called a video capture card. The card will have one connector for each camera. This is how it knows what video came from which camera. DVR security camera system allows for higher quality video and a lower level of maintenance.unfortunately, this type of systems does not connect to the internet (and do not have the capability to). They are closed circuit systems, which mean they are only connected locally to each other and not to any networks.

Author: HomeSecurityHub

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