How does it feel when you get HD resolution pictures? To get the best picks of the security camera lens, it is vital to gain an insight into the CCTV camera lens types and comparison first. There are two types of camera fixed lens (monofocal lens) and security camera varifocal lens. The field of view of fixed lens security cameras cannot be changed whereas the varifocal lens can be improved.

Best cameras with fixed and varifocal lens include; Battery powered, wireless security camera lens, PoE Security Camera with Wide Angle Lens and lastly Security Camera with Zoom Lens. It is important to note that spider webs, dust particles, and dirt can blur and destroy images; they should be carefully cleaned.

When selecting the best security cameras lens, there are some key points to put in mind. First, check whether the lens and security cameras allow for C Mount or CS mount. The security cameras with wide focal length work best for large areas. A good aperture will always enhance capture of everything in focus. Another factor is the availability and control of light that comes through lenses aperture. Lastly, the camera format is also vital, and one should always remember to follow the rules.

Author: HomeSecurityHub

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