2 digital cameraI love taking selfies with friends. It’s something that I love doing with just about any camera. Even though some people don’t think we can take selfies with big digital cameras, I’ve done it loads of times. I like taking my big digital camera with me wherever I go, and I love taking selfies with it. While other people are on their phones taking selfies, I take them with something special.

But when I take my camera everywhere, I need to always make sure I take a digital camera memory card with me. There was one time where I forgot to, and then I couldn’t save any pictures. It was terrible, so I don’t ever want that to happen again. When I take a digital camera memory card with me, I’m prepared to take selfies anywhere and at any time.

While I may not be a professional photographer, I certainly have a lot of fun taking pictures with people. I go around town with my friends and we take selfies everywhere we go. It’s always lots of fun to bring my digital camera with me, as long as I have a digital camera memory card on hand and ready for action.

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