4 portable phoneIf you know me, you know I’m on my phone a lot. I like keeping in contact with people through my phone. Whether it’s through instant messaging on Facebook or tweeting with people on Twitter, I like keeping up on people’s lives. My smartphone is the device that lets me stay connected with everyone I care about, no matter how far away they are.

But because I use my phone a lot, it drains the battery quite quickly. I’m aware of this, and it’s not a problem. As I know I use my phone a lot, I always make sure to keep a portable phone charger on me that I can use wherever I end up going. It keeps my smartphone working, even if I end up being on it for most of the day.

I’m just glad I think ahead. I know some people that would never carry around a portable phone charger with them, even though they’re on their phones for a lot of the day. I just think it’s smart to have one just in case. And if you know you’re going to dinking around with apps and such on your phone, be sure to have one with you.

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