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When you have a family, you want them to be as safe as possible. Maybe before you had kids or even a partner, you did not really care what happened to you or what was going on around your home. You might have shrugged your shoulders to when someone looked through your window while walking by, or someone sat in their car a long time in your parking lot. However, when you have kids or a partner, something happens where you all of a sudden are extremely aware of all the iffy and weird situations that are happening and worried if they escalate to worse things. Sadly, there are terrible things going on in the world and in cities close to home, so it is hard not to constantly think of the worst case scenarios or if there are awful things waiting for us and our loved ones around the corner. When you want to get control over your home and the safety of your family, there are ways that you can go about it. For one, you can take self defense classes so that if you come in contact with a mugger or a crazy person trying to hurt your family. Self defense classes not only teach us how to strike back or hurt someone long enough so they don’t immediately try to chase you, but also blocking someone from striking you or punching you, even with a weapon. You can also put locks on your doors and special film on your windows so that it is harder for people to look into your home. In the end, cameras are the best way to keep an eye on your home. Getting something like a Swann DVR is a great way to have cameras around, but also store that footage just in case.

Let us say that you have a neighbor that lives across the street from you that finds one morning that someone keyed their car. They do not have a camera security system like you do. They might come to you asking if you have any footage of what happened the night before. You can easily pull up the footage from the DVR and see if you catch anyone doing damage to their car.

The Swann DVR is great not just for their cameras, but your ability to go back and see what happened in and around your home at any time.

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Digital security video recorders have been used for years for surveillance. They help in preventing theft, asset protection, and monitoring/tracking customers’ movement in a store. Video recorders are very beneficial for home, business, and public places. If you are planning on buying one or are looking to upgrade your surveillance system, consider some important factors such as video resolution, battery backup, and other important features that will help you make the decision and finalize the recorder. In this article, you will learn about the importance of a digital security video recorder.

Digital security video recorders reduce theft, vandalism, and loss. Digital surveillance cameras are high-resolution cameras that allow you to see everything with clarity. You can pursue penalties or charges against the burglar or any individual caught stealing with better quality videos and images. In most cases, law enforcement agencies might ask for videos and pictures that can help them conduct legal proceedings against the suspects. Better coverage angles and video resolutions can save money because you will not have to buy extra cameras with better angles. They are easy to install and do not need heavy equipment for installation. They are operated effectively through the security team. The latest recorders have improved accessibility, with storage going to the cloud. They are easily accessible from your smartphones.

A digital security video recorder can help you make fair and as accurate decisions as possible while settling professional or domestic disputes. Fabricated, inappropriate, and incorrect claims can be clarified and sorted out easily with the recordings as evidence. These recorders reduce the need for security staff; your employees and staff will take breaks on time. Nowadays, many countries are using video surveillance to monitor the public and private sectors to prevent terrorism and crime. Whether the issue is related to productivity, theft, or punctuality, your digital security video recorder can provide you with the evidence. It empowers and protects the company and its employees. It is used to record the events of employee harassment or abuse and provide evidence to law enforcement agencies. Suspicious activities are monitored to protect the company and employees. Criminal activities are discouraged when the criminals see a security video recorder. Surveillance cameras should be everywhere, especially in public places to ensure public safety. The growth of analytical software and facial recognition enables a better understanding of any illegal or criminal activity, which has further helped law enforcement reduce crime. Installing digital video recorders in your home is a smart move, so visit a local store today and install one immediately!

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These days, people can get really fancy with their home security systems. For example, there are a lot of apps on the market that allow you to not only see your home from anywhere on your phone, but you can go further and be able to talk to someone through a speaker, or get alerts and notifications if there is anyone trespassing on your property. The technology on some of these cameras are impressive, too. There are even motion sensors that will capture everything from wildlife running through your backyard, to a delivery person walking up to your front door. While it is nice to have such smart technology surrounding your home, for some people, they might think this is way over the top. For example, if you don’t have deep pockets, spending thousands of dollars on your home security system might be something you have to compromise. Plus, some people might not feel comfortable being able to wire up their house so that they can see anything and everything through an app, especially when apps can get hacked into all the time. Furthermore, unless you have tons of priceless art hanging on your walls, or diamonds in a vault in your basement, you might not really need to have such aggressive security if all you want to do is see if there is anyone sketchy lurking around your yard or if someone is stealing your packages. For these types of households, getting something like the Swann DVR is a great way to go.

If all you need are cameras, then you can set up multiple cameras in and around your home that are pointed at the vulnerable or hidden parts of your house. For example, if you have a basement, it might be wise to have a camera pointed to the door or windows as those are usually places intruders try to get in first as they think they are the least monitored. Your front door is an obvious one if you are trying to catch a doorstop package thief.

The Swann DVR is going to give you the basics – cameras and a place to keep all the recorded footage. However, this is nothing to scoff at as you may be able to go back through your footage and find evidence of things that you might have missed otherwise.

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You can never be too safe in today’s environment as burglaries and break-ins happen on nearly every property and neighborhood. Whether you want to invest in a security system for your business or your household, you can’t deny that the best investment you can make would be a digital security video recorder. It has numerous benefits, the best one being that it works by itself and doesn’t require constant monitoring and maintenance. You will have a monitoring system that works around the clock to safeguard your property. It has motion detection sensors, which will kick in and start recording whenever they notice movement in your home or property. The digital security video recorder is an essential safety device for businesses and homeowners because it will provide you with constant feeds about any activity on your property.

You will not have to live in suspense and pray that someone doesn’t break into your home. The digital security video recorder will catch any intruder or burglar in the act, making it easier for the authorities to catch the culprits and hold them accountable for their actions. You don’t need to program the cameras, and they can be easily set up on all the crucial points on your property. Even though some annoying cables are lying around, you won’t need to configure the camera or play with its settings because it will be set up for you perfectly. One of the best things about a digital security video recorder is that it is more affordable than some of the most expensive camera security systems in the market. You won’t need to spend a lot of money to safeguard your property because it will handle all your security concerns at a fraction of the cost.

You can rest easy knowing that your home and your property are well guarded around the clock, and any intruder or burglar will be caught in action. Even though some people may think that the digital security video recorder has gone out of fashion, it still does a commendable job with more advanced security technology available in the market. You will not have to worry about any break-ins or burglaries because you can constantly view the live feed and alert the authorities if you notice any suspicious activity taking place in your home or on your property. That is why investing in a digital security video recorder for your home and property is one of the best investments you can make.

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When you buy your first home, you realize there is more to being a homeowner than just being able to afford your home, but also the responsibility that comes with it. Home security is an endeavor that is not to be taken lightly – Not only are you protecting your investment that is your home and your things that you worked hard to earn, but also your loved ones that go about their days oblivious to the dangers that lurk around in the outside world. From thieves to animal predators, you never know what is going on unless you were to continuously walk circles around your property. That is why getting a security system that includes cameras is one of the biggest, but best investments you can make after buying your home. Doing the research on security system cameras can be daughting though – There are so many different brands that provide cameras along with lots of bells and whistles. The long list of different high tech features go on and on. But if you want to just keep it simple and be able to set up multiple cameras and have them recorded on a separate server, the Swann DVR is a great option to take a look at.

You don’t even need to own a home to want to install cameras to keep an eye on what is yours and what is going on outside. Thieves don’t care if you own a home, are renting, or are staying for the short term, all they care about if what they can get their hands on quickly and without anyone noticing. Whether you are trying to keep an eye on your car in the driveway or your packages that arrive while you are away, it is great to be able to set up your camera discreetly and by about to see what is going on in real time, or rewind and take a look and see what happened. You can even get a good relationship going with your neighbors – you can provide your camera footage as a resource for them to see if any intruders of vandals were on their property, and they can help you out if you need footage from their cameras.

The Swann DVR is a great way to make sure you are able to keep an eye on the comings and going on your property, but also keep an eye on your loved ones that are at home. You can now keep tabs on when your teenagers are going in and out of the house, and also if anyone is stalking or following them when they are walking home from school.

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The most obvious concern that a manager has is leaving the office unattended. This doesn’t mean that the head doesn’t trust employees but it’s a well-known fact that when the boss is out, people tend to procrastinate. When managers need to take a leave, it can be quite nerve-wracking to ensure everything is going smoothly in their absence. All this can be made much easier with the easy installation of a digital security video recorder. There are plenty of ways offices can benefit from video surveillance. Video cameras naturally act as great deterrents, preventing crimes. Since a digital security video recorder has a much better picture quality, it is easier to spot the offender and hold them accountable. With this layer of protection, employees can work in peace and you can also protect your property from theft or vandalism after office hours.

In an office environment, there may be an unpleasant occurrence of harassment that HR has to deal with. The problem with harassment cases is that there is no evidence to give preference to one party over the other. A digital security video recorder will save HR a lot of trouble by providing real time footage of what goes inside the building. Some video surveillance systems also record audio, making the problem even simpler. In any case, you can easily review the footage to get an unbiased perspective of the event. This way, offices are able to maintain an honorable image by successfully bringing the victim to justice. It also prevents the rise of any such instances in the future that may adversely affect the company’s reputation. Moreover, employees, especially women, can work at ease, knowing that if such an instance occurs, they can easily report the perpetrator with evidence.

Lastly, businesses can help boost employee productivity with the help of a digital security video recorder. When employees know they are being monitored and the boss can access video footage even when not physically present within the vicinity, they are likely to take less smoke breaks and actually concentrate on their work. This is a good way to keep the office on their toes and ensure that they are able to meet deadlines.It is easy for employees to get distracted or just procrastinate when they are not being monitored. Video cameras provide businesses the luxury of enhancing productivity during office hours so that their employees can leave on time too, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

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With the passage of time, home robberies have become a much more significant threat than they used to be. The modern thief is much smarter than thieves of the past, and with inflation on a blazing rise, none of us can afford a robbery at our homes. Apart from losing materialistic possessions in a robbery, an armed thief puts our life and the lives of those around us in grave danger. While calling 911 or asking for help from your neighbors is an option, can you rely on them to respond as quickly as you want them to? Before they take action and the police arrive at your home, the robbers might have already left with your prized possessions, or even worse, might have taken the life of a loved one. It’s because of situations like these that you need a digital security video recorder.

A digital security video recorder ensures that the thieves that are chasing your house know that you’re prepared for the worst and that you’re not going down without a fight. Simply having a digital security video recorder placed outside your house will make thieves ignore your home because there are so many homes without security, they’ll never take their chances on a home that is prepared for burglaries. But with that being said, you should never take the risk of placing a faulty digital security video recorder outside your home. Seasoned criminals can spot a defective camera from a mile away, so never rely on a faulty camera to save you.

Apart from saving you from burglaries, digital security video recorders can be used for several other purposes too. You can use your digital security video recorder to monitor your children when you’re not at home because we all know that children can’t be contained in one part of the house. They play around all kinds of objects, and they can potentially hurt themselves. When you have digital security video recorders installed in your home, you can monitor your children inside the house and even while they’re outside. It’s important that you place digital security video recorders in multiple locations around your home so you can monitor your home from various viewing angles. If something goes wrong, a digital security video recorder allows provides you with the opportunity to alert the authorities on time.

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DVRs have been around for a few years now and they seem to be in every home. They are typically thought of as a unit to record TV shows and movies. They also serve another purpose and that is to record videos in and outside of your home or business. There are so many out there for so many prices, its hard to know which one to go with or which one to purchase. You can do some research on the internet, which you’ve likely done to get here. You can look at security blogs and you can find news on the subject via Google or Yahoo news. Do you have the time to do all of the legwork? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices available, that’s understandable because its easy to happen. There is so much conflicting information about different DVRs out there, you’re hoping that someone will just do some research and help you. Well, in this blog we are talking about finding a new digital security video recorder and we will be looking at an affordable model that you might be interested in. We will have a link for you to have a look at more in-depth so you can make an educated decision on which one to buy.

The DVR we have a look at is the Swann USB 2.0 DVR Guardian and it is a 4-channel USB camera system. Priced under $130 this camera can record up to 4 cameras at once and store their video. You are also able to check in with any of those 4 cameras on your smartphone with a simple and easy to use app. You’re also able to check into your system from anywhere and use cameras that may not be Swann, or you can add additional cameras from them to make sure your system has no hiccups and stays consistent. This DVR is straightforward to start using and no installation for the DVR is required. Get that ease of mind that you need when you can safely secure your home with the Swann USB DVR. The DVR even lets you set up motion detection and alerts.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and thanks for reading. We hope you found some useful information and will come back soon. If you have experience with this DVR or another one that you really like in the same price range, let us know about it. If you have a unique camera setup that you’d like to share or a story about how your security system helped you, please share it with us and we might be able to share it in a future edition. Come back soon.

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Technology has advanced, and now it can give us the benefit of keeping track of sensitive areas while sitting in a room. The digital security video recorder is one of the wonders of modern technology. It can be used at offices, profound places and homes as well; thanks to the plethora of benefits it provides.

One of the apparent benefits of this digital recorder is to provide security. Once they are placed at your workplace or home, you feel a sense of security. These Digital security video recorders not only capture and store the videos but also ensure the high quality of the video. It provides clarity and wide angles of the highlighted area. These recorders have the capacity to record a wide area and decrease the need for installing recorders at every nook and corner. It requires fewer tools and helps more with the security team, effectively and efficiently. These recorders possess an ample storage space to save the captured footage. You can also monitor the activities from these recorders from anywhere in the world, but for that internet connection is a requirement. Live to stream with logging into your security system from any device will be ensured, and you can view the live streaming or archived footage of your selection. You can watch your guests and visitors’ activities in the property, and you can control the flow as per your wish. You can lock and unlock the doors as needed to let them move freely in the authorized area. It will also help you to keep a check if a visitor is entering in an unauthorized field. In such cases, you can immediately lock the door if a person is in the near vicinity or can call the focal person to guide the visitor.

Keeping in view the cost of these recorders, it would not be wrong to say that they are cost-effective as compared to other analog devices. These require less physical tools to operate as compared to analog systems. As already mentioned, these recorders can cover a wide space so; fewer recorders are required for a single spot making it easier to use less space, and so digital feeds can be compressed and stored using lesser storage than analog video. These benefits lead to a final point that, your employees and loved ones will feel safer and secure, knowing that the workplace has got an advanced monitoring system.

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All security cameras require a central video recorder to transmit and archive the footage captured. Now here is why you need a DVR (digital video recorder) security camera system.

The dvr security camera system provides a better performance; the qualities of the photos captured by the camera are more consistent and reliable. The camera with its ultra-wide 360 degree covers a full range coverage view especially when it’s located in the appropriate spot. Moreover, the view angle can be easily controlled by your mobile phone which makes the whole operating system much easier and more rewarding.

A DVR system uses cameras connected to the recorder by coaxial cables. The DVR itself is a computer but it has a special type of card in it, called a video capture card. The card will have one connector for each camera. This is how it knows what video came from which camera. DVR security camera system allows for higher quality video and a lower level of maintenance.unfortunately, this type of systems does not connect to the internet (and do not have the capability to). They are closed circuit systems, which mean they are only connected locally to each other and not to any networks.

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