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Are you looking to secure your home via security cameras or are you looking to buy home security cameras? Great because we will be going over several security cameras that you might want and that will help to make sure that your home or business is safety. Employees and family members all want to feel like they are protected and having security cameras at home or your office will help with that. Welcome to the security blog and thank you for coming by. In this blog we will discuss several different home security cameras and see if any of them are right for you. It is good to know the options and the different price points there are for security cameras. When deciding where to buy security cameras, find out if there are local stores you want to patronize via Google. Perhaps you want to shop online and save time and effort. Buying online can be a breeze and super helpful to those that need a security camera.

The first camera that we look at is the Avemia Wireless Camera. This wireless camera is a top performer and produces nightvision up to 30 feet. Being wireless is a great feature of this camera and it goes for around $150. This camera is ideal for setting up at out of the way locations that aren’t near your DVR or VCR or main location. Great for use as a deterrent as well. The second camera we look at is the Swann Professional All-Purpose Dome Camera and it is ideal for indoors and keeping up with what goes on in a large area because of the range of vision the camera has. A winner as far as price goes at around $180 this camera is ready go out of the box and is durably constructed and features a warranty. A great deal for a fantastic camera. The 3rd camera on our list of previews is the Vandal Proof Nightvision Dome Camera. This is great for places where you need to keep track of but have the potential of thieves or someone else trying to tamper with a camera. This one is vandal proof and will make sure that you can collect any evidence from a crime or other activity.

Thanks for stopping by the blog again. We hope that you found a camera that will work for you and your home or business. IF you decide on one of these cameras, please let us know which one. Shoot us an email and let us know about it. Please come back soon and check the blog for more information soon.

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Welcome to the blog and thank you for stopping by. In this edition we will be going over several different outdoor camera options for you to choose one. We will go over some of the basics of the outdoor security camera and some of the features of several outdoor cameras. The first thing you will need to do is to make your list of what you need and what you are looking for. Do you have more than one location that you need to have an outdoor security camera for? If so you will need to determine how many exactly you need. If you have more than one door, or if you have any out of the way areas, you will likely need at least 2. Then, you should find out what your budget is? Different cameras have different prices and there are many that are affordable you just need to know what that budget is that you are dealing with. Do you need to use your cameras as a deterrent or do you need very good quality video and color video? These things will need to be figured out before you can buy your new cameras.

The first camera we look at is the Swann SW214-ODC Color Outdoor Cam and it is a great affordable option for those that need a solid and weather-resistant camera to brave the cold and protect your property. This night vision camera is durably made and is ideal for home or office use. It features LED lights and performs well with 60 feet of cable that plugs into any VCR or DVR so you can keep track of all of the video the camera captures. At $50 this option is a great starter camera for those new at using cameras or those looking for an affordable camera that still performs at a high level. The next camera we look at is a more expensive option but it has some great feature. This camera is the Swann SW-C-BDOGC BullDog CCD Color Camera with Night Vision and 6mm Lens. The nightvision this camera provides is exceptional and the IR resolution is great. This camera is easy to install and use and will plug into any DVR or VCR and is weather and wind resistant. This camera will run you about $90.

Thank you for coming by and thank you for reading the blog. We hope that you will stop by again soon for more new blogs.

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Greetings and welcome. In this edition we will be looking at several Swann security cameras and how they might fit into your current or new security camera set-up. If you don’t have a current camera setup or a system, Swann is a solid maker of security cameras that are a good entry level camera for you and your family or business. They make several different dummy models but for the sake of today’s blog we will only go over actual working cameras. The first Swann camera we look at is the Swann SW214 color camera that is meant for outdoor usage. At $50 it is reasonably priced and comes ready to install right out of the box. This great entry level camera doesn’t stop at just great color images, it also has 15’ of infrared night vision

so it is useful at night as well. This is a great camera to get you started and goes well with several other Swann cameras. It features a tension adjustment and comes with the mounting base to get it set up nice and easy.

If you are needing something more professional grade, then you should seriously consider the Swann all-purpose professional dome camera. For $179 you get a vandal-resistant a camera that is easily installed and features on on-screen display controller and software and has easy to use and customize the settings. It is also weatherproof and plugs into your DVR or for your TV. This works best with a Swann DVR and is great for most small businesses. The 3rd Swann camera we look at is their Bulldog model color camera with night vision costs $90. Its weatherproof casing is resistant to the conditions and can illuminate up to 32 feet in the dark making sure your business is protected. Each camera comes with a stand and 33 feet of cable with power supply. These cameras are ideal for watching back doors and areas with dim or no lighting so you can keep watch over those darkened areas and make sure that no one breaks in and if they do, you will have evidence to provide to police.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks for reading. Hopefully you found what you were looking for and found something useful. Please consider checking back in the future for more bogs and articles you can use. Come back soon and check out our blog regularly.

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Thank you for coming by and thanks for reading. In this edition we will go over several different security cameras and how they might fit into your current setup. Are you looking for a night vision security camera? Great, because there are many options available. There are several types of camera that could work for you. If you don’t have outdoor night vision cameras or indoor ones you could choose to go with. Night vision cameras are different in that they work to illuminate what is nearly without light and show it with more detail. The night vision camera can bring out things in detail that regular cameras without night vision simply cannot. The night vision they utilize exposes details not to be seen in the darkness with other cameras. Night vision is the way to go if you are concerned about someone breaking in overnight or if you’ve had vandalism. They even work well inside because they work where there is little to no light.

The first camera we look at is the Avemia HD-SDI Night Vision Weather Proof Vari-focal Dome Camera. It is a dome camera with night vision capabilities and records at 30 frames per second, which means little escapes its advanced eye. Its aluminum alloy frame makes it tamper resistant and sturdy. This durable and reliable camera can be yours for only $150. If that type of camera isn’t for you, perhaps you could use a bullet camera from Avemia. Its weatherproof so it’s great for outside usage and features a cover to keep the elements from punishing the camera. Its casing is made of aluminum alloy, making it even more durable. Its discrete and sturdy and its infrared extends up to 90’ and is reasonably priced at $73.

The 3rd and final infrared night vision camera we look at is from Swann and is their SW-C bulldog color camera with a 6mm lens. This little bull dog is weather resistant and can see up to 32 feet in the dark. It’s a solid choice if you don’t have a large area to cover and view and is very sturdy. Thanks for stopping by the blog and thanks for reading. If you have a unique camera set up or a certain camera that you love, please share your story with us. If we like it, we might be able to share it in a future blog.

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When you own a home security is your number one priority. It’s important to your family’s safety or just your own peace of mind if you live alone or don’t have a family. Worrying about your home can cause great stress and this stress can spread to different parts of your life. That’s why having a security camera is so important. It allows you to monitor certain parts of your home or even just your entryway or backdoor. You can also monitor certain rooms like if you have a young child that you want to make sure sleeps soundly. You can keep a digital dome camera fixed on your driveway, which is a fine tool to have if there have been break-ins in your neighborhood. It can monitor your surroundings too, to again, make you feel more at ease. You may be considering a digital dome camera and that’s a solid choice. Dome cameras are harder to tamper with and the digital signal doesn’t get stored on tape, but digitally. You can even check in on your cameras and watch live feeds with an app that typically comes with these cameras. If you’re interested in knowing more, you’re in luck, because in this edition of the blog we will be previewing a couple digital dome cameras that you can choose from. When you decide to know more or you want more, you can click on the link above to be taken to look at them yourself and decide if they’re what you’re needing.

The first camera we preview is the Swann Professional All-purpose dome camera. Don’t let the professional name scare you away, its still a cinch to install and mount. Keep a watch on any area you want to with this professional grade camera. Just plug into a DVR to record and its ideal for viewing things from a long distance like down a hall street or driveway. The night vision of this camera goes up to 35 meters or 114 feet and has Sony tech that is reliable and powerful. This is a great choice for under $200. The second camera on the preview list is the Vandal proof night vision dome camera. What’s better than being vandal proof? Having night vision, that’s what. This features Sharp color CCD and is a great buy under $100.

Thank you for stopping by the security blog. If you have a unique or powerful camera setup or a story where your cameras helped solve a case or prevent something from happening, please shoot us an email and let us know about it. Come back soon.

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Safety and security of home is everyone’s top priority. Buy home security cameras to make sure that you have an eye on your house and all the valuables all the time. With high-resolution cameras, you can look at what is happening in your home both inside and outside and make sure that there is no unwanted activity that goes unmonitored. With a few cameras, you can easily cover your whole house and be sure that you did not leave any corner uncovered. With the cameras installed, you will not only be able to keep a check on the house, but it would also act as a deterrent for any robbers and burglars to attempt an activity at your home.

If you buy home security cameras online, you will see a lot of options with different specs to suit your need. Some cameras have an extensive coverage area and a few of them would be good enough to cover all the important and sensitive parts of the house. Some of them work very well in the night and their IP67 property makes them highly resistant to dust and water. With these cameras, you can be sure that once they are installed, they would last for a very long time. Cameras alone are not enough, you would also need a computer or television to monitor the cameras and it is highly advised to get a backup hard disk so you can view the recordings later on. Some cameras also have moveable motors that allow you to move the lens through the computer. This would help you see what is happening around while you sit comfortably in your bedroom or lounge.

Once you have made up your decision to get the cameras installed, you should keep a few aspects in mind. The design is an important aspect, but at the same time, the utility of the camera is much more important. You should pick the camera that has high-quality night vision recording as it is the time when most of the unwanted activities take place. It would be best if you always opt for a trusted seller so that you get a good quality product and it would be able to do the job it is designed for. With cameras installed in your home, you can be confident that your property and loved ones are safe and you can enjoy your time with the family instead of worrying about their safety.

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Due to the growing crime and theft in our society, a housing security system is becoming increasingly important. They can provide you with live or recorded video images of your property 24/7. Indeed, the existence of surveillance systems has resulted in a lower crime rate because of undeniable video evidence. This is why many individuals feel safe and protected with security cameras installed at their homes and offices. In the last century, outdoor security camera has gained a lot of popularity and is now available in many shapes and sizes because of the progress in technology. These safety devices are also available in wired and wireless variants. The wireless variants give much more flexibility since they can be conveniently positioned outdoors.

For burglars, the most common entrance place is the back door. With an outdoor safety camera monitoring your door, you can easily know who is at the back gate and whether anyone is breaking in. You can also see live who’s at the front door. An outdoor security camera will give you a greater feeling of safety and confidence, especially in regions where crime rates are high. Many of the advanced designs can be checked on your smartphone or tablet. An outdoor security camera is highly affordable. Once the system is installed, it is simple to maintain. Ensure the cleaning of your camera to achieve optimum system efficiency. You can find outdoor security cameras online and ensure the safety of your home 24/7.

Not too long ago, having outdoor security cameras fixed at homes as a safety measure was considered a radical, luxurious effort to take on. Nowadays, not having any type of video cameras installed appears to be a strange choice as a homeowner, because of its accessibility and affordability. Outdoor security cameras have contributed a lot in decreasing the thefts and robberies. This reputation has made them a compulsory household and enterprises element. This is why a lot of homes and companies have set up safety cameras to protect their possessions. Overall, it has become even more undeniable how important an outdoor security camera is. Many intruders are careful about safety cameras and know well that if they ever get caught in one, they will be identified by law enforcement officers. Outdoor security camera helps you live a secure life.

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We are living in an era where living a secure life is becoming a necessity. This need for individuals has been recognized by advanced technology, and thus, digital cameras are introduced, which help to record the video of the area under surveillance. Digital dome cameras are named because of their dome shape. These cameras are commonly used in the surveillance system within shops, restaurants, sensitive areas, homes, etc. These cameras can point out in 360-degree position. Due to the dome shape, it is nearly impossible to identify which side of the area is being observed by the camera.

Digital dome cameras come in different sizes and shapes. These cameras have fixed but rotatable domes in order to keep an eye on the surroundings. The primary function of these cameras is to cover the massive areas like parking lots or the area where there are frequent congregations. These cameras have a wide angle, which aid to cover the areas to 180 to 360 degrees. They can easily track their targets even if they are out of reach. A tinted dome can be used to make sure that the camera is not noticeable. It can make the camera more difficult to spot but not invisible. Apart from this, dome cameras are lightweight, and this feature makes it easy to install, as compared to other conventional cameras. Most importantly, these cameras cannot be tampered with, as they are installed on the roof corners or the ceiling. It is quite difficult to open or re-adjust these cameras. So, it is quite safer than conventional cameras to keep a check on the surroundings. Infrared LED lights make this camera extraordinary. This feature makes the work easy and perfect in the areas where lights are dim. Hence, it is a perfect choice to guard your workplace or your home.

Moreover, alarms at your workplace might help you to prevent crime, but security cameras are always the key tool to identify the criminals. These protect your home, your business, and the sensitive buildings you think you should protect. Also, having a camera at a public place, schools or colleges makes the individuals and students feel protected and secure. Also, as these cameras are wireless, so the option of cutting the wires to turn them off is almost impossible. And hence, you can never miss any footage. It is important to do the regular maintenance of cameras to prolong their lifespan.

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Everyone likes to live a secure and peaceful life. In order to cope with this desire, technology has made video cameras to ensure a safe and secure environment. Workplace demands different features in a security camera as compared to home. Keeping in view those requirements, Dome security camera has a lot of features to offer, making it versatile. There are three types available in a security camera. There is a box camera, a bullet camera, and a dome camera. Generally, these cameras come with holding plates to hang directly on the wall.

All of these types can be installed in outdoor and indoor settings. But there are some indoor cameras which cannot withstand the outdoor environment. Whereas, outdoor cameras are created according to the weather conditions so that the camera can cope up with the scorching heat and rainstorms. Other than this, there is one more feature of infrared diodes in this dome security camera, which makes it versatile. Camera with IR Diodes can function in complete darkness. These lights are present inside the camera and work as a floodlight for the sensor of the camera. These infrared lights are completely invisible to the human eye. In the market, you can also find a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera, also known as PTZ Camera. It moves left or right, up and down, and zooms in or out. This camera gives three functions at the same time as compared to a stationary camera. The stationary camera can only perform one function at the time. So, one PTZ Camera replaces the need of 2 or 3 stationary cameras. Apart from this, PTZ Camera contains a feature called ‘Automatic Object Tracking.’ It helps to detect the motion, and once the motion is detected, it zooms in and follows the object. For instance, if you enter the parking lot, this camera will detect your motion and zoom in on you and follow you till you exit from the parking lot.

There is also a camera named Vandal-Proof Dome Security Camera. This camera is installed in the areas where vandalism is common. It can also be mounted closer to the ground, thus increasing its chances of getting broken. To withstand the break, the body of the camera is usually tough and contains a Lexan window. All the types of security cameras are durable and possess good quality because these cameras are solely created to provide security to house, business, public areas, and sensitive places. The camera holder just needs to ensure that the camera is placed at an appropriate place and regularly maintained.

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Swann security cameras are an awesome way to add a level of security to your home or anywhere you want. Besides telling what’s happening around the house, who goes into and leaves your property, they’re a great way to deter potential criminal activity.

Swann Security allows you to keep a clear vision on everything. If something goes missing or if you have a break in or if the police are looking for someone in the area, then the camera footage will tell you in explicit every single detail. The Swann security provides it users with the ultimate technological cameras and alarms to stay tune on what happening in and out their houses. The camera provides high quality and crystal clear video images facial features, license plate numbers, clothing colors and other important identifiers captured by 4K Ultra HD Cameras.

You can easily and effectively connect your home security to the internet and you will be able to remote and control all your home security devices by just using your smartphone or a relevant application. Swann security systems are highly customizable and available as do-it-yourself kits or as full-blown setups that include professional installation and monitoring.

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