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When it comes to security camera housings, you’ll want to go with a heavy-duty option made completely from industrial aluminum or stainless steel. Plus, look for security camera housings with high quality and a streamlined design that makes maintenance and installation simple. The ideal housing will have a large internal useable area and easy access to the camera and lens while the camera is operational. Furthermore, depending on your monitoring needs, you’ll want to ensure your camera housing has the best vandal-proof and water-resistant capabilities. For example, go for security camera housings with an IP66/IP67 waterproof rating for outdoor cameras. This will ensure that your cameras remain protected from extreme weather conditions such as debris, dust, winds, snow, and rain.

Furthermore, you would want to purchase security camera housings with excellent blowing and heating features. For instance, if you’ve set up cameras near heat sources such as your chimney, a camera housing with a blowing feature will keep them cool and extend their life. After all, having internal cooling, blowing, and heating features will allow your camera to operate even in the coldest or warmest of climatic conditions. On the other hand, heat or corrosion will damage plastic or aluminum housings. Therefore, it is a no-brainer to stay away from these housing types. Typically, such security camera housings have features, including cooling tubes on the back of the housing that blows cold air onto your camera and air nozzles to cool your camera and keep the camera housing’s dust and dirt-free. There should also be numerous exhaust valves on the front of the camera housing to exhaust hot air.

Another thing to consider when purchasing security camera housing is ensuring that they come with ample mounting accessories. In fact, your camera housing won’t be effective if you cannot mount them properly. Not to mention, no one likes to look at a shoddy installation job. So, if you’re purchasing housing for your dome, bullet, or box cameras, ensure that it comes with proper mounting equipment. However, you can take things up a notch by searching for camera housings fitted with a swivel made from stainless steel or other heavy-duty materials. Also, purchase camera housings with movable mounting brackets if you work with zoom, tilt, and pan cameras. Security camera housings are critical for preventing premature replacement, theft, and deterioration of cameras. In the end, the housing you purchase should satisfy your protection requirements and allow your cameras to function without interruption the entire year-round.

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