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You will most definitely require a home security power supply that provides proper current and voltage to power up your CCTV cameras. However, in most analog cameras, you have a centralized power supply that simultaneously provides power to multiple cameras. Connecting one is relatively straightforward because the power supply’s terminals are labeled. The power supply also comes bundled with an AC power plug that you typically plug into your 120V outlet. However, experts recommend using a home security power supply with a high-efficiency rating to avoid overload issues. Moreover, when powering up CCTV cameras, it is vital to determine the amount of current every camera consumes to ensure that you purchase a power supply with the appropriate current rating.

Typically such details are printed on the back of the camera or security system or sometimes mentioned in the instruction manual. In addition, the power rating is typically donated by Wattage(W). With that out of the way, let us look at a scenario to understand what type of home security power supply you will need to operate your security devices. Imagine you’ve installed sixteen cameras inside your home. Assuming that you will use the power supply to power the cameras, not the DVR, we must do a few simple calculations. For example, if every camera draws 0.35A, you will have to multiply 0.35 by 16 to calculate the total current draw for sixteen cameras. Then take the result, which is 5.6A, and divide it by the maximum 80 percent capacity. The answer you get is 7A. This means that you must purchase a power supply that has a current rating of 7A if you’re looking to power 16 cameras simultaneously with one power supply.

Furthermore, various other home security power supplies come with individual connections and fuses for every camera you want to connect. Moreover, such a home security power supply also has a small LED indicator that turns off when your camera is disconnected or malfunctioning. For example, you can purchase a CCTV power supply that can power 18 cameras simultaneously with a centralized 12V 10A rating. Now that you have all the knowledge about choosing the right power supply, it’s just the question of calculating current and voltage consumption for your home security system and purchasing one that can accommodate such power requirements. Of course, this will be a lot easier if you have a good grasp of basic maths concepts!

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After the stressful process of buying a home, homeowners might consider purchasing home security accessories to take extra precautions and make their dream house safer. But, of course, the first thing to consider is your house itself. After all, the type of home security accessories you buy is often determined by your home’s location, its size, and the restrictions of your particular neighborhood. For instance, some neighborhoods and apartment complexes have strict rules regarding drilling into external walls. While most renters will no doubt have to meet their landlord’s demands, a studio apartment on the twelfth floor will require different equipment than a two-story home, to name a few. However, once you’ve determined what home security accessories are ideal for your living situation, consider a few things before purchasing them.

It is critical to be well informed when dealing with home security accessories vendors. After all, this can be the difference between getting the best solution for your security needs or overpaying for accessories you don’t need. So, ensure that you do your due diligence and look into all the professional installation services and upselling options a home security accessories seller may provide. For example, you can follow’s article on home security as it breaks down the best home security providers. Furthermore, most sellers will try to offer you home security accessories as a bundled package that might contain items that you may or may not need in the first place. For instance, you probably won’t need a glass break sensor for every window, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment building. So, ensure that you’re only purchasing accessories that you actually need.

Finally, be prepared to ask questions. When you call a home security accessories provider, they will ask you numerous questions about your home to tell you what you require. Not to mention, they will also give you a quote. However, they will persuade you to purchase accessories that you might not need. However, if you’ve done your research, you will only purchase items that make sense to you. Also, don’t forget to read the fine print when purchasing any home security accessory or system. While this might be somewhat of a no-brainer, you’ll be amazed at how many complaints go unresolved because homeowners didn’t go through their contracts. Therefore, another tip is to read up on hidden fees, moving restrictions, contract lengths, cancellation terms, and monthly payments that might be included in your contract.

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When you have security cameras around your home, you cannot help but relax a little bit. Being able to see around your home is one thing, but being able to check up whenever you want what is going on in and around your home is so empowering. You no longer have to run around your home and ensure that things are where they need to be and they are good to go, or all the doors and windows are locked. These days, with technology having so many advancements, there are so many features and things you can do that were not accessible or available in even just a few years ago. There are people that love to make sure they not only have cameras around their home, but also be able to go back and look at footage to see if there is anything that is missed. The worst thing is seeing an intruder or trespasser on your property scoping out your home. However, some people have seen some pretty crazy things. For example, wild life comes to life at night and people see when raccoons, bears, or even bobcats are walking around their yard or scoping out their garbage cans. There are even people that were able to catch footage of a comet flying over their rooftop with a great big flash and streak of light across the night sky! Whatever you end up catching, it is great being able to go back and see what has gone on and what is going on in real time. However, a camera is only as good as it’s power supply. Getting a good security camera power supply is essential to having home security.

Think about it – Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a TV that you can watch all your shows, movies, and videos on demand, like your phone. Phones are so great because it is a wealth of information and features right at your finger tips. However, if your phone is constantly dying or running out of battery and going into power saving mode, you will see that features shut down or it becomes so unreliable.

A security camera power supply is absolutely just as important as the cameras themselves.

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When you are buying a home surveillance system, it’s usually prudent to go with one that employs multiple cameras. Four camera security systems are very common. A four camera security system usually comes with a DVR – A Digital Video surveillance Recorder. This allows all four cameras to be connected to a single centralized unit, which can then be connected to a screen or a computer. Four cameras allow you to cover your property fully. Strategically placed, these four cameras can even be employed to cover all four sides of the house. But the primary coverage most home owners seek is the entrances. These should be the first to be covered.

The four cameras can be connected to the DVR via an Ethernet or a BNC cable. The DVR is usually equipped with a decent sized hard drive to keep video footage saved in it for days, or even months at a time. Most cameras nowadays are able to record HD quality so the hard drives are usually 500 GB to 1 TB in size for a four camera security system’s DVR. Some security systems allow the camera’s focus to be adjusted. This comes in handy when you want to focus on something smaller or farther than usual. On their own, the cameras cover a pretty decent range of more than 100 feet, even in the dark. Since the cameras are installed outside, they comply with IP66 protocol of waterproofing. If you want the video feed to be viewable to a remote location or device, the DVR also needs to connect with a router.

Another amazing feature that usually comes in four camera security systems is that the system is installed with motion detectors. This comes in handy if you want the cameras to record only when they detect a motion. The DVR can also be programmed to record the video for only certain hours of a day. This saves time and a lot of space on the DVR. In most of such four camera security systems, the cameras do not need power from a plug-in. The DVR provides them with the power over the data line. The feature is called PoE – Power over Ethernet. Some security systems allow the camera’s angle to be controlled directly, to cover more area or to focus on a special area. The four cameras in such a security system can either all be bullet cameras or a combination of bullet or dome cameras.

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Security cameras are an important security feature in most homes and businesses. These cameras can be mounted outside as well as indoors, but most people prefer to cover the outer parameter of their homes with these security cameras. Two of the most common security camera types are bullet cameras and dome cameras. A bullet camera is a conventional design for security cameras. They are elongated and anchored by the backside of the camera body. The camera body resembles a bullet, or a lipstick which is why they are also called lipstick cameras. Dome cameras, on the other hand, follow a different design. They resemble an upside-down dome. The camera points out in one direction and can be easily rotated up or down, and 360 degrees.

A security bullet camera can be mounted on the roof or an outside wall. The mount allows the camera to be rotated up-down and side-to-side. Security bullet cameras can be as small as 2 inches. Most of the time though, they are a bit larger than that. The small sized ones are easy to conceal, and most people install them outside of the house in such a way that they are almost hidden. But the smaller security bullet cameras usually have fixed focus. Larger bullet cameras have adjustable focus and better zoom. Another important feature of these bullet cameras is that they are weatherproof. Since these cameras are installed outside, they need a sturdier and waterproof build so they don’t get shorted every time it rains. A little shade in the casing of the camera is also a standard built feature of security bullet cameras, to protect them from the distortion from the sunlight.

The bullet cameras usually feature night vision. During the day, the camera uses the normal lens. Once the night starts falling, the camera gradually switches to infrared that allow it to view and record even in the dark. The infra-red addition makes the bullet camera bigger. An important consideration when choosing the right bullet camera for your home is the range it covers. Range of the camera depends upon sensor chips, resolution, backlight compensation and auto gain control. How far and how clear a surveillance camera is important to its placement as well. Both dome and bullet cameras have their own merits and demerits. Regardless, either type can be employed to keep your home safe from intruders.

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Protecting your home is an evolutionary instinct. People have been protecting their homes way before advances in technology. But we have come a long way from setting traps for potential intruders. Our security systems have evolved and we have much better and more efficient ways of protecting our homes. One of the most commonly used security measures most homeowners prefer is a surveillance security system. A surveillance security system employs one or multiple cameras. These cameras are strategically placed to have a full view of the outside or inside of your house. These cameras allow for preemptive protection and the surveillance of the house and its surroundings.

Surveillance security systems revolve around cameras. These systems can keep the visual record of any incident that takes place in or around your house. Some people don’t augment surveillance security systems with an alarm system, although it is ideal if you do. The video feed from the camera can be instrumental in finding the culprits if you have a break-in. The systems are usually designed to give your house maximum coverage and monitoring. The number of cameras can vary, depending upon how much area there is to cover. The video feed from the camera can usually be seen and stored in a computer inside the house. Some advanced systems can send a backup copy to the security companies as well. Nowadays, thanks to smart cameras and devices, most home surveillance systems relay the feed to your smartphones as well. This way, you can keep a lookout even when you are far from home.

The system can be wired or wireless. Wired security systems are preferred because they can send a high quality, high-resolution video feed without any problems. Wireless cameras may suffer connection issues, but wireless cameras have many other advantages. They can be unobtrusively set up anywhere, and they can easily be accessed through multiple devices. Wired cameras need to transmit their feed to the computer, which then can transfer it to another device. A security system is also useful to prevent burglaries and break-ins from happening in the first place. Most criminals that intend or plan to enter a house usually refrain from the ones with the security systems are installed. They also discourage vandals and loiterers from approaching. These security systems provide people with peace of mind in these troubled times. You would know that with a little investment, you can rest easy knowing that your house is safe.

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When you have a family, you want them to be as safe as possible. Maybe before you had kids or even a partner, you did not really care what happened to you or what was going on around your home. You might have shrugged your shoulders to when someone looked through your window while walking by, or someone sat in their car a long time in your parking lot. However, when you have kids or a partner, something happens where you all of a sudden are extremely aware of all the iffy and weird situations that are happening and worried if they escalate to worse things. Sadly, there are terrible things going on in the world and in cities close to home, so it is hard not to constantly think of the worst case scenarios or if there are awful things waiting for us and our loved ones around the corner. When you want to get control over your home and the safety of your family, there are ways that you can go about it. For one, you can take self defense classes so that if you come in contact with a mugger or a crazy person trying to hurt your family. Self defense classes not only teach us how to strike back or hurt someone long enough so they don’t immediately try to chase you, but also blocking someone from striking you or punching you, even with a weapon. You can also put locks on your doors and special film on your windows so that it is harder for people to look into your home. In the end, cameras are the best way to keep an eye on your home. Getting something like a Swann DVR is a great way to have cameras around, but also store that footage just in case.

Let us say that you have a neighbor that lives across the street from you that finds one morning that someone keyed their car. They do not have a camera security system like you do. They might come to you asking if you have any footage of what happened the night before. You can easily pull up the footage from the DVR and see if you catch anyone doing damage to their car.

The Swann DVR is great not just for their cameras, but your ability to go back and see what happened in and around your home at any time.

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