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We are living in an era where living a secure life is becoming a necessity. This need for individuals has been recognized by advanced technology, and thus, digital cameras are introduced, which help to record the video of the area under surveillance. Digital dome cameras are named because of their dome shape. These cameras are commonly used in the surveillance system within shops, restaurants, sensitive areas, homes, etc. These cameras can point out in 360-degree position. Due to the dome shape, it is nearly impossible to identify which side of the area is being observed by the camera.

Digital dome cameras come in different sizes and shapes. These cameras have fixed but rotatable domes in order to keep an eye on the surroundings. The primary function of these cameras is to cover the massive areas like parking lots or the area where there are frequent congregations. These cameras have a wide angle, which aid to cover the areas to 180 to 360 degrees. They can easily track their targets even if they are out of reach. A tinted dome can be used to make sure that the camera is not noticeable. It can make the camera more difficult to spot but not invisible. Apart from this, dome cameras are lightweight, and this feature makes it easy to install, as compared to other conventional cameras. Most importantly, these cameras cannot be tampered with, as they are installed on the roof corners or the ceiling. It is quite difficult to open or re-adjust these cameras. So, it is quite safer than conventional cameras to keep a check on the surroundings. Infrared LED lights make this camera extraordinary. This feature makes the work easy and perfect in the areas where lights are dim. Hence, it is a perfect choice to guard your workplace or your home.

Moreover, alarms at your workplace might help you to prevent crime, but security cameras are always the key tool to identify the criminals. These protect your home, your business, and the sensitive buildings you think you should protect. Also, having a camera at a public place, schools or colleges makes the individuals and students feel protected and secure. Also, as these cameras are wireless, so the option of cutting the wires to turn them off is almost impossible. And hence, you can never miss any footage. It is important to do the regular maintenance of cameras to prolong their lifespan.

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Everyone likes to live a secure and peaceful life. In order to cope with this desire, technology has made video cameras to ensure a safe and secure environment. Workplace demands different features in a security camera as compared to home. Keeping in view those requirements, Dome security camera has a lot of features to offer, making it versatile. There are three types available in a security camera. There is a box camera, a bullet camera, and a dome camera. Generally, these cameras come with holding plates to hang directly on the wall.

All of these types can be installed in outdoor and indoor settings. But there are some indoor cameras which cannot withstand the outdoor environment. Whereas, outdoor cameras are created according to the weather conditions so that the camera can cope up with the scorching heat and rainstorms. Other than this, there is one more feature of infrared diodes in this dome security camera, which makes it versatile. Camera with IR Diodes can function in complete darkness. These lights are present inside the camera and work as a floodlight for the sensor of the camera. These infrared lights are completely invisible to the human eye. In the market, you can also find a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera, also known as PTZ Camera. It moves left or right, up and down, and zooms in or out. This camera gives three functions at the same time as compared to a stationary camera. The stationary camera can only perform one function at the time. So, one PTZ Camera replaces the need of 2 or 3 stationary cameras. Apart from this, PTZ Camera contains a feature called ‘Automatic Object Tracking.’ It helps to detect the motion, and once the motion is detected, it zooms in and follows the object. For instance, if you enter the parking lot, this camera will detect your motion and zoom in on you and follow you till you exit from the parking lot.

There is also a camera named Vandal-Proof Dome Security Camera. This camera is installed in the areas where vandalism is common. It can also be mounted closer to the ground, thus increasing its chances of getting broken. To withstand the break, the body of the camera is usually tough and contains a Lexan window. All the types of security cameras are durable and possess good quality because these cameras are solely created to provide security to house, business, public areas, and sensitive places. The camera holder just needs to ensure that the camera is placed at an appropriate place and regularly maintained.

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Technology has advanced, and now it can give us the benefit of keeping track of sensitive areas while sitting in a room. The digital security video recorder is one of the wonders of modern technology. It can be used at offices, profound places and homes as well; thanks to the plethora of benefits it provides.

One of the apparent benefits of this digital recorder is to provide security. Once they are placed at your workplace or home, you feel a sense of security. These Digital security video recorders not only capture and store the videos but also ensure the high quality of the video. It provides clarity and wide angles of the highlighted area. These recorders have the capacity to record a wide area and decrease the need for installing recorders at every nook and corner. It requires fewer tools and helps more with the security team, effectively and efficiently. These recorders possess an ample storage space to save the captured footage. You can also monitor the activities from these recorders from anywhere in the world, but for that internet connection is a requirement. Live to stream with logging into your security system from any device will be ensured, and you can view the live streaming or archived footage of your selection. You can watch your guests and visitors’ activities in the property, and you can control the flow as per your wish. You can lock and unlock the doors as needed to let them move freely in the authorized area. It will also help you to keep a check if a visitor is entering in an unauthorized field. In such cases, you can immediately lock the door if a person is in the near vicinity or can call the focal person to guide the visitor.

Keeping in view the cost of these recorders, it would not be wrong to say that they are cost-effective as compared to other analog devices. These require less physical tools to operate as compared to analog systems. As already mentioned, these recorders can cover a wide space so; fewer recorders are required for a single spot making it easier to use less space, and so digital feeds can be compressed and stored using lesser storage than analog video. These benefits lead to a final point that, your employees and loved ones will feel safer and secure, knowing that the workplace has got an advanced monitoring system.

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