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Once you’ve decided to install a security system in your house or your work place, one of the next steps in selecting and choosing what type of camera you need for the purpose. In fact, in the market today, you can find a variety of diverse security cameras. However, the two most prominent ones will probably be the bullet and dome security camera. While both of them provide the same services, there are some subtle differences between them both.

The dome security camera is called that way because of its circular, dome shape. The security camera is designed in a discrete way with transparent protective dome making it blends easily with the surrounding and almost not visible. Usually, the dome security camera can be used both outdoor and indoor anywhere. The best thing about this type of camera is that the intruder wouldn’t recognize which way or direction the camera is pointing at.

In addition, a dome security camera is generally encased in more durable and resistant covers to vandalism as the camera lens is protected. The camera is available in a choice of lenses, features a compact design that makes it ideal for mounting in a variety of places and provides a full 1080p HD video feeds.

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Are you toying with ideas to choose security cameras for home surveillance? First-time purchasers, who are trying to look for the exact surveillance cameras for house defense, quite often, will inevitably run into such problem. However, the HTK Home Security online store offers its users the opportunity to take a close look at the digital dome cameras and why these types of cameras should be one of their primary choices.

Digital dome cameras are designed to embrace the entire element for dome-shaped housings. They can be used both inside and outside the hose, on the ceilings, in retail stores and more. Potential thieves or intruders will find pretty much impossible to determine where the camera is pointing at thanks to its dome shape.

Digital dome cameras are packed with IR night vision; they come with LED lights to function amazingly with little or no light at all. They can capture up to 100ft in total darkness with 24pcs infrared LEDs. These cameras come complete with a fully waterproof enclosure and boast a 1.3MP lens that provides HD images. They are responsible for big area surveillance, especially if they are outfitted with extraordinarily advanced sensors and high resolution like 20MP or 50MP.

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Do you want to have a clear vision of what happens when you are not around your house? Do you worry about breaks ins- to your house when you are away on vacation? With Swann security, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The Swann security provides it users with the ultimate technological cameras and alarms to stay tune on what happening in and out their houses. The camera provides high quality and crystal clear video images facial features, license plate numbers, clothing colors and other important identifiers captured by 4K Ultra HD Cameras.

These HD cameras operate over longer distances and can be located virtually anywhere there is a network connection which makes it easier to check on your house from now and then. Not only that, but it also comes with alarming signs to show if someone has break-in to your house to your phone. Swann security devices are waterproof made for all types of bad weathers they hold their own in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) to ensure year-round security monitoring that never stops working. Make sure to check HTK Home Security online website for more information about Swann security.

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If you are looking to install home security systems, then there is nothing better than doing it yourself. Thanks to the DIY system, they provide the flexibility and the knowledge to choose how and when to monitor your home security. Everything including entry level systems to professional level devices is provided with guiding manual for further instruction on how to install any kind of home security systems by yourself.

With that being said, you can connect your home security to the internet and you will be able to remote and control all your home security devices by just using your smart phone or a relevant application. Smart security systems are highly customizable and available as do-it-yourself kits or as full-blown setups that include professional installation and monitoring.

At HTK Home Security, you can find high-quality home security systems. Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose the system that you can monitor yourself without the need for professional surveillance backup. There are plenty of security devices available, everything including camera, doorbells, lights, door locks and openers, sirens; alarm system, storages, detectors and so on are provided in different designs and brands. These security devices will keep you safe by monitoring it from wherever you are.

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