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usb cableThere always seems to be something attached to my laptop. Whether I’m moving things from one place to the other, or I’m borrowing an external hard drive from a friend, there are always gizmos hooked into my computer. To some people on the outside looking in, it might look like my computer has too many wires coming out of it. But to me, it’s just the normal everyday amount.

Honestly, I think the USB cable is one of the most basic computer-related things out there, and yet one of the handiest. It helps connect devices to other devices. And since I always have stuff hooked into my laptop, I have plenty of those cables to go around. They’re great for charging phones, hooking up cameras to upload photos, and transferring data from one place to another. I don’t know where computer users would be without them.

So when I borrowed my friend’s external hard drive to watch some cult classic films, I copied them over to my laptop using a USB cable. I then made sure to watch Pulp Fiction first, but made a mental note to keep Fight Club in mind. These cables sure are nifty for all sorts of things. Now, I have all the movies on my laptop.

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hp officejet proIn my business, it’s all about printing fliers. I think fliers really help you get known in the world. And since my business is small and not yet widely known, I’ve been putting fliers up on message boards and passing them out to people. But of course, a lot of fliers means you go through a lot of paper. And I have the printer that’s perfect for the job.

For me, having the HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 has been a godsend. It prints out catchy fliers for me with ease, and I don’t have to worry about going to a copy store or anything. I can just press a button, then watch as the magic unfolds. Papers come out with bright, vivid colors that really catch the eye. It really helps me get the word out about my business.

I’ve actually been seeing a steady upward trend for my business as I started printing out more fliers. That’s proof that printing them out has been helping me. Soon enough, I’ll have interest all around the country! I’m really grateful for my HP OfficeJet Pro 8610, since it helps me out so much. It’s helping my business become a true success.

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htk electronics 4 3-21-16When I started to look for some kind of an e reader that I would be able to store a lot of digital books on, I was set on making sure that I could get an e reader that would be the most like a book as possible. I am definitely someone who is very nostalgic about books and I didn’t want the entire experience to be ruined by electronics. I wanted an e reader that would feel more like a book.

I started to look at Amazon’s kindles because I knew that these had the reputation of actually being able to look and feel a lot more like real books. I decided to buy one of these since I didn’t want to have an e reader that operated too much like a standard tablet. I have really been enjoying reading books that I have downloaded to my Kindle Paperwhite so far.

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talking on cell phoneWhen I started to search for a new phone that I could try after having many difficulties with the different types of phones that I have used in the past, I was really excited about getting a quality phone. I decided to reach beyond the standard phone brands and try Amazon’s new phone. I didn’t know what to expect from the phone, but I was ready for something different.

When I first had the phone, I of course struggled with the learning curve of trying to operate a new phone. Now that I have a lot more experience with it, I feel like this is a great phone for me since all of the features of the phone are so easy to use. I cannot wait to show off my Amazon Fire phone to all of the people that I know.

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